When an Environmental Pollution incident happens, the main priority of the Responsible Party is to clean up the pollution quickly and efficiently to minimize public health risks and environmental damage.
The Responsible Party (RP) and their insurers need to know, quickly and efficiently, their likely financial exposure;

  • Cleanup Cost projections
  • Third Party Claims Analysis
  • Perform a Reserve Analysis


GRS Cost Tracking Services uses our own Proprietary software the GRT System to quickly establish invoice control and invoice review as resources funnel in for the response effort to establish Cleanup cost projections and actual cost reporting.

What is the GRT?

  • Resource Management/Cost Control
  • Auditing of Invoices and Subcontractor Invoices
  • Accounting
  • A/R invoice creation and collections
  • A/P subcontractor bills/payments
  • Payroll
  • Expenses

GRT Control Center

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