Are you prepared to manage an emergency response event especially if it impacts a large population? Global Risk Solutions, Inc. provides domestic (North America) and international clients with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage, mitigate, value and report on large liability losses wherever they may occur. Working within the Incident Command System structure, GRS integrates with your Finance Section to measure and manage liability claims as well as to track, cost and report on response personnel and equipment.Â

Bottom line: In the chaos of an emergency response, GRS has the experience and tools to help you control, manage and mitigate costs.

GRS responds to man-made, natural, terrorist or other claims-causing events including oil spills, pipeline ruptures, chemical explosions, severe storms, earthquakes, floods, and fires impacting the oil, gas or petro-chemical industries. These diverse loss types have a common thread of complexity and a requirement for significant pre-loss planning and organization.

Services Overview

  • tracking and cost of personnel and equipment by location
  • daily burn rate reporting for response activities
  • auditing and payment recommendation of responder invoices
  • claims program development
  • “hotline” call center implementation
  • management reporting
  • claims settlements administration
  • documentation management
  • litigation support

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