Litigation Support

When a catastrophic event occurs involving large numbers of claimants, one can expect a class action lawsuit is not far behind. Dealing with the event itself can be time consuming and chaotic. When you add the plaintiff’s lawyers and the legal system to the event, it can become overwhelming. That’s where GRS can provide you with the assistance you need to stay in control of the situation.

GRS has experienced personnel and the necessary claims systems that can assist you in responding to the litigation process. Whether it involves a class action, arbitration or a large number of individual claimants, GRS can provide the needed assistance.

GRS has been selected by defense counsel, jointly approved by plaintiff and defense counsel and appointed by the court to administer class action litigation from first report through final settlement, distribution and reporting.

Services Overview

  • Claims Reporting Hotline
  • Program Development and Planning
  • Claims Processing
  • Claims Tracking
  • Settlement Support
  • In the event of a class action, GRS can also provide assistance with notice, printing and mailing services, tracking of “opt in” and “opt outs”, payments and Q/A and Q/C for the entire process.