Business Insurance Profile on Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds

 London-based global head, cyber risks, Global Risk Solutions Inc.

 London-based international cyber director, Global Risk Solutions Inc.

 In the context of cyber, incredibly positive. Rarely a day goes by without a mention of cyber exposures or incidents. Thus, those of us who are able to assist business understanding, identifying and minimizing cyber exposures are in demand.

 To continue to grow the international network of cyber consultants for risk management and incident response and segment our service offering to specific industries to reflect the very different exposures faced by financial institutions manufacturing, construction, marine, aviation, energy, retail, etc. For example, the vulnerabilities, reputation and financial consequences of a cyber incident faced by an investment bank are different than those faced by an airline, as the IT infrastructure, opportunity and allurement to a hacker are as different as their separate operating models.

 Accreditation of experts. There are guidelines and industry bodies but no internationally recognized benchmark or standard. Geopolitics.

 U.S. retail data breaches

Keep up!

 Anything to do with eating!

 I entered the insurance industry as a school leaver 33 years ago as a professional trainee with a Mutual Insurance Society, which allowed me to work in all the departments and funded my study to attain my ACII and ACILA.

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