Environmental Risk Management Solutions


After Hurricane Katrina flooded a Louisiana refinery in 2005, a ruptured oil tank released 25,000 barrels of oil and prompted 28 class-action suits. GRS administered a voluntary settlement program for the refinery owner, and a federal court overseeing the consolidated litigation appointed GRS as disbursing agent. (GRS photo)

An incident that causes environmental impairment can be tragic on multiple levels: a community is damaged, neighbors’ lives are disrupted, and businesses’ reputations — and often, their future — are on the line. With decades of international experience in environmental claims, GRS specialists help our clients to mitigate, respond, recover and contain the costs arising from man-made or natural environmental catastrophe events and litigation. Our Environmental Risk Management Solutions (ERMS) include:

Response Preparedness Plan. A strategic approach to planning environmental incident response can help businesses avert a disastrous outcome for them and their communities. GRS clients rely on our expertise so they can be ready to respond.

Cost Containment & Inventory Control. Costs from environmental incidents can quickly spiral out of control, compounding a challenging situation and forcing businesses to make difficult financial decisions. Cost containment and inventory control are seldom top of mind for businesses in environmental incidents, yet overall costs are needed to report to executive management, governmental agencies and other stakeholders. GRS helps clients keep their focus on restoration and recovery, so they can get back to business quickly.

Third-Party Liability Claims. Environmental mishaps such as oil and chemical spills don’t recognize boundaries or respect others’ property. Third-party liability is a major risk in environmental incidents. GRS has been applying its tools and knowledge to mitigate third-party liability risks for decades.

Litigation Support. Class-action lawsuits, individual litigation, mediation and arbitration all add to the stress arising from environmental incidents. GRS provides expert support with thorough claims documentation and quick and fair settlement practices.

Call Center. Environmental emergencies give rise to confusion and questions, for the businesses involved as well as the wider community. GRS’s Call Center operations, customized for each client, maintain vital flows of information.

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