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Training for Success

Training and certification programs at GRS are designed with one thing in mind: to make adjusters more successful. Whether it’s filling in knowledge gaps or sharpening core skills for property and casualty adjusters, GRS training connects adjusters with more work opportunities.

Our flexible, technology-enabled programs are delivered in a relaxed, casual atmosphere — whether training sessions are small or large they always reflect our family-like culture. GRS is a privately held company that’s like a family. We care about our employees and our adjusters. GRS’ philosophy when it comes to training is “It’s never too late to be the adjuster you could have been and it’s never too late to get education to make your skills stronger.” Our programs are designed to help adjusters succeed.

Stay tuned here for new GRS training and development opportunities in 2019!

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“We want to take the fear out of training. Our programs are very casual and friendly. We want all of our adjusters to be happy, comfortable and feel like a part of the GRS family.”
– Kristina Anolfo, Business Analyst

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