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Non-CAT & Man-made

Sometimes claims stem from human origin, not nature. Even when the claims occur in a small area, they can still present big challenges. GRS has extensive experience in property, casualty and environmental claims that aren’t caused directly by natural catastrophes.

In addition to GRS’ expansive set of Property & Casualty Solutions and Environmental Risk Management Solutions, we provide assessment and valuation services for government-backed redevelopment programs. For example, a damaging event may cause blight in some residential and commercial areas, prompting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to initiate a variety of programs, from valuations to loans to demolitions to purchase and resale of affected properties.

Whether a non-catastrophe claim is simple or complex, urgent or longer-term in nature, GRS has the people, process and technology to enable our clients to respond.

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“Our ability to quickly respond and ramp up ensures client preparedness for any event or catastrophe. GRS conducts ‘Mock Drills’ and other incident response training throughout the year relating to natural and man-made catastrophic events.”
– Kip Radigan, President and CEO

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