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GRS Claim Professionals FAQ


Why does GRS need my XactNet address? It is required in order to send you claims in the event of a deployment. It is one less detail you will have to provide during a high-stress event with limited access to internet and put you one step closer to ‘deployment ready’.


What version of Xactimate do I need? Xactimate Version 28, the full version, not the demo.


How do I find my XactNet Address in Xactimate 28:1. Log in to Xactimate 28

  1. Select the blue Xactimate tab in the upper left corner.
  2. Click Help in the menu (left side)
  3. Select “About Xactimate”
  4. The XactNet Address can be found near the bottom of the About Xactimate window.


Please Note: Your XactNet address is not your email address, your username, or your Xactware ID.

Xact Website 

Additional Questions: Verisk.com 


Do I need to active my Xact account to be considered for deployment? Your account does not need to be currently active to be considered for a work opportunity. Plan accordingly in a catastrophe situation as the process to active your account may taken exponentially longer than usual.


Can I just use the demo version of Xactimate to work claims? No.


Do you have any active deployments? We continuously have deployment opportunities in multiple areas. Each carrier request for adjusters is carefully considered by GRS management and adjusters are matched with an opportunity based off provided qualifications, verified experience, and multiple other variables specific to the carrier. Portal.GRSBridge.com


How do I know if I qualify for an opportunity? You will be contacted via your email or phone number listed on your roster profile. Pay close attention to both, check your spam folder regularly, and make sure your voice mail is set up and able to receive messages.


Is there anywhere I can see what opportunities are available? Yes, follow GRS on all social media accounts, we frequently post for needed adjusters, inspectors, file reviewers, etc.

Facebook: @GlobalRiskSolutions

LinkedIn: @GlobaRiskSolutions

Twitter: @GRSAdjusters

Instagram: @GRSAdjusters


Does frequently calling/emailing increase my chances of receiving work? No. You are more than welcome to call/email the office and check if your profile is missing anything required, but all opportunities are based off information you provide in your profile. If you receive a request for information or deployment possibility, please follow the instructions provided to be considered for any upcoming opportunities.


What licenses do you recommend getting? We cannot recommend which licenses you should or should not apply. That is a personal decision based on where you would like to be considered for work. You will have to meet each states requirement to get the corresponding license.


Can GRS provide an emergency license? This only occurs when certain criteria are established by the state government, typically when they declare a state of emergency, and need an influx of assistance. Then we will apply for emergency license for qualified adjusters who are committed to GRS for a work opportunity. You will only be able to work for the company that applies for the license for you.


Why do I get regular emails to update my profile if I’ve already completed it? Our team continuously updates BridgeSource to keep up with the ever changing industry. In order to be exposed to and considered for the most opportunities possible, we recommend logging in a minimum of once a month and reviewing your information, updating as necessary. If you are emailed regarding an update that applies to you, log in ASAP to provide those details.


How do I increase my chances for work opportunities with GRS? Make sure your BridgeSource roster profile is up-to-date and accurate, including a current resume. Sign up for our Inspection program for your area *insert link* to gain work experience and expose to GRS policies and procedures. Invest in your education and training by attending classes offered – gain valuable industry information and meet GRS management. Be willing and able to travel/respond to an opportunity at a moments notice, determination and flexibility go far in this industry! Keep up on industry changes and information, including but not limited to building materials, laws and regulations, and continuing education for licensing


When will we know about any standbys and/or deployments? We send out standbys and deployment requests directly from BridgeSource.  You may also be contacted via email or the phone number listed on your roster profile. Pay close attention to both, check your spam folder regularly, and make sure your voice mail is set up and able to receive messages.


What do I need to do to make my profile “Complete”? Be sure to upload a current resume and that your experience, licenses, qualifications, etc. are up-to-date. Your completed profile will be signified by a green Profile circle on your Dashboard page.

Additional Questions? Please email info@globalrisksolutions.com