2020 Hurricane Season Outlook

An above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is expected, according to forecasters with
NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service.

“The outlook predicts a 60% chance of an above-normal season, a 30% chance of a near-normal season and only a 10% chance of a below-normal season.”

When catastrophes strike, high volumes of claims can flow in quickly. That’s where GRS Catastrophe
Services shines, swiftly ramping up our team of adjusters to help our clients respond. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

Global Risk Solutions wants to help you determine your personal hurricane risk, find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, and be prepared for Hurricane Season 2020:

  1. Review and replenish your hurricane emergency supplies. If you live in hurricane-prone areas,
    you are encouraged to complete these simple preparations before hurricane season begins.
  2. Note: You may need to adjust any preparedness actions based on the latest health and safety
    guidelines from the CDC and your local officials. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-
  3. Take basic steps now to ensure your safety should a storm hit. Get emergency supplies: Stock
    your home and your car with supplies. Plan: Create a family disaster plan. Avoid flooded areas:
    Take precautions before, during, and after a flood.

GRS Adjusters: Thank you for being on the GRS Roster! Portal.grsbridge.com

To ensure you are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, please complete your GRS application.
Assignments and Claims cannot be issued until your application is complete.
IMPORTANT: The application must be completed on a laptop/desktop and will take approximately 30
minutes to complete. (If you leave it and come back later your progress will NOT be saved.) Before you
begin, please gather the following items:

Photos/Copies of two forms of I.D. or your passport to upload | Prior residential addresses | Employment dates with locations | Three professional references.

Please make sure your profile is updated:
1. Current Xactnet Address
2. GRS Application (Completed within 5 Years)
3. State Adjuster Licenses
4. Recent Resume Uploaded to Adjuster Profil
5. Recent Head-Shot Photo uploaded to Adjuster Profile
6. Updated Address and Contact Information
7. Updated Emergency Contact Information
8. Updated Carrier Certifications

To read more about hurricane tips and building your emergency kit please visit Global Risk Solutions on
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Photo and Blog Credit: https://www.noaa.gov/