Record Breaking Hurricane Season 2020

“The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is so active that it has nearly exhausted the regular list of storm names. If this happens, the Greek alphabet will be used for only the second time on record.” – World Meteorological Organization

On September 14th, the US National Hurricane Center issued advisories on five tropical cyclones over the Atlantic basin. This ties the record for the most number of tropical cyclones in that basin at one time, last set in September 1971.

NOAA forecasters are now calling for up to 25 named storms this season, seven to 10 could become hurricanes.

(NOAA Image 09/15/2020) September 10th is the statistical peak day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

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Hurricane Safety Tips:  

1. Review and replenish your hurricane emergency supplies.
2. Note: You may need to adjust any preparedness actions based on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and your local officials.
3. Take basic steps right now to ensure your safety should a storm hit.
4. Take precautions before, during, and after a flood.

Current Hurricane Activity

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